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November 13

How to fix a leaky water tap

The modern home has many water valves and taps located in different parts of the house

The area that can leak and be the most wasteful is where the main water supply comes in to the home and is the main plumbing supply. See the photo below

Leaky valve NorthShore plumbers

A leaking valve is wasteful and costs money

Beacuse the water taps provide the main water supply to the home they are under a lot of pressure. Over time these valves can develop a leak due to the immense water pressure and continued useage. If they are turned on and off regularly then this can lead to wear and tear also.

One thing we do know is a leaking valve wastes water and can make the surrounding area damp and unhygenic.

We recommend you get a plumber to fix this however if you are unable to here are the steps to fix a leaky valve.Valves are quite simple to fix so try yourself but rest assured we are here to help should you fail




1. First try to tighten the packing nut (located just beyond the handle). If the handle is too hard to turn, the packing nut is too tight.

2. If that did not work go to the meter which will be located on the pavement or at the entrance to your property and turn the water off.

3. Remove the valve handle and the packing nut. Replace the packing material and put it all back together. Turn the water back on and you’re back in business!

A leaky tap is usually caused by a worn out seal, which has deteriorated in recent years. It will either be worn at areas around the washer and valve seat allowing water through or there may be some waste material has found its way into the position of the valve of the pipe, which then causes the seal not be able to sit in the seat of tap water accurately
This will allow water to pass and you will end up with a dripping tap


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