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November 13

How do I get rid of an airlock in my tap?

This is a question we get on a regular basis and it is complicated trying to explain over the phone. The real fix for this is to call North shore plumbers and get a accumulator installed which will fix the problem. They are easy to install but we recommend you get an industry professional to install it.


An accumulator is a cylinder with a sealed piston or diaphragm in it which is used to assist with the removal or airlock. One side is filled with air to about 45% of the water pressure in the tank and the unit is designed to stop water hammer or water knock which gives the home owner the peace and quiet they deserve.

If you want to have  ago yourself at fixing water knock then try putting a lubricant like silicon, grease, or cooking oil around the stem of the affected outside tap. turn the water off and then take the tap to peices by undoing the main nut. Apply the lubricant to the  stalk on the piece that holds the washer.) The lubricant should get the jumper to adhere to the tap spindle and not move up and down in the water flow at low flow rates.

It works sometime however Fixed Price Plumbing will do the job for you no worries



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